Online Shops That Set Up And Rent Classy, Nifty Picnic Sets in Malaysia

by Lavanyah Guna

What’s the first thing that flashes on your mind when I say picnic?



Romantic dates?

Friends day out?

Some well-seasoned Brocolli Pasta?

You name the rest. The weather where it’s hot and humid year-round with the bliss of tropical rain showers every now and then makes no perfect time to go for a picnic in Malaysia.

People often go for picnics to build a stronger rapport with their cherished ones, simply to bask in the sun (don’t forget your sunscreen okay) or to take some time off from the chaotic/bustling schedules with their bosom-buddies.

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To save time from loitering around and scrolling for picnic sets or perhaps to allure your palsy-walsy friends, faithful spouse by arranging a surprise picnic, leave the hassle to the online shops below. Yes, they do set picnics and are willing to rent their stunning collections for you. 

For The Setting Of Picnics

1. Gojes Tent Teepes & Events

Being on the limelight for about 5 years, this event planner’s backdrops are admirable and have garnered a flock of loyal patrons coming back for their service. 

In conformity with the current scenario where leaving your house for redundant reasons is an offence (literally), but how can we not celebrate the big days of our family members right?

Therefore, for a home-based picnic by the pool or garden either for birthdays, graduation party, etc, they have a range of sets complementing your interiors and theme. From pastel pink to baby blue, add the colours you want to blossom the ambience.

Gojes Tent Teepes & Events is no stranger for outdoor picnics too. Their craftsmanship will not only mesmerise you but the passerbys would absolutely stop to have a glance!

Instagram: @gojestent

2. Glam Surprise by Syahira Elyana

Beginning from RM 250 only for a silver package including pizza, drinks, balloon and decor, aren’t they ideal for a surprise picnic already? As the name itself says, expect a touch of charm in every decoration of theirs. 

Expect a fancy and lavish setting of your choice as to if you are in a deluxe fine dining restaurant (we’re serious, just scroll through her feed and thank us later). Syahira Elyanna, the ever-humble founder is all ears to transform your fantasy into a reality. Share your ideas and wait for a bang!

Leave her a text to find out more on the silver and pearl picnic packages as well.  

Instagram: @glamsurprisebyse

3. Pretty Little Events

The impression towards picnic styling has been gaining popularity among Malaysians where for almost every occasion, there will surely be someone like “Why not we set up a picnic, eh?”. So, your picnic plans will never go unnoticed by the party planner and event stylist.

Looking for something exceptional? Then, do check out the chic, boho picnic sets in your preferred colour!

Instagram: @_prettylittleevents

For The Picnic Rental Sets

1. Summerjoy

If you are someone who wishes to do everything by yourself for your loved ones from booking spaces and decorating them, the picnic rental sets are for you. Although the baskets are light to be carried, they are fully occupied with things that you need for a picnic. 

Summerjoy has add ons for enchantment and creating a way to flaunt your artistry. The basic set starts from RM 65 and go for the fancy set if you are looking for a teepee for your next aesthetically-pleasing Instagram post. 

Stay tuned for their promotions where you can save some big bucks!

Instagram: @summerjoy.co

2. Picnic Day

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Picnic Day has 5 themes for a picnic lover to choose from with customised goods for each. No worries if your travel plans are on hold, you can go for picnics as you indulge yourself in the beauty of nature. To ease your hassle, here is a little information regarding the assortment of themes:

  • Sandy – Plan a picnic by the beach while the waves crash against the shore, cool breeze sways your hair and the golden evening light shines through you.
  • Sunset – Watch the sun sets over the horizon while you enjoy some fruits, crackers, bread and sparkling soda.
  • Sunflower – You will be entitled to an old fashioned picnic basket, wooden tray, etc. which makes it a classic gingham picnic.

Do visit their page right now to discover what’s Sage and Sunshine all about!

Instagram: @picnicday.my

3. Picunica.my

Assuring reasonable price and providing themes like English Picnic and Summer-Duck Picnic make your day memorable with Picunica.my. Simple and elegant, their picnic sets are more likely for outdoor cookouts. 

Picunica is a newbie to picnic rental sets and utterly wait for their fresh and more exclusive sets that will amaze you undoubtedly. Till then, keep supporting them!

Instagram: @picunica.my

Thank you for hopping on this ride to find out some local businesses that set and rent picnic sets. Do check them out and have fun responsibly!

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