Take A Look At These Malaysian Online Shops That Sells Cookies Dipped In Chocolate And More!

by Lavanyah Guna

Cookies – Moments full of crunchiness. Cookies are one of the best refreshments for every flash. From keeping away boredom while you keep your nose to the grindstone to the times where your slouch on a couch with a heating pad, cookies will nourish your soul. 

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Is a thick, crunchy, buttery cookie where the chocolate oozes out your pick? Or are you in the craze for getting a chocolate jar as well? Social media these days are brimmed with shops that offer cookies which are slathered and dipped with a generous amount of topping such as chocolate, peanut, strawberry, etc. 

If you are ardent to taste them or would like to explore other businesses that have different choices, join us as we divulge the best online shops that sell cookies dipped in chocolate and more! 

1. Crimebites

Claimed to be the first brand in Malaysia that introduces cookies with melted chocolate, Crimebites sold almost 500,00 jars in 2020 (Don’t you want to earn a spot this year among their sincere patrons?). Their cookies are fresh from the oven daily where the Premium Chocolate Chunk Cookies are softened with Callebaut Chocolate. 

Unforntutaly, their nutty, peanut flavoured Rocher Cookies are currently ceased due to the limitation of raw material. But, keep your eyes peeled as they might unveil new extraordinary flavours to their addition and do not miss out on the occasional promotions!

Each jar (260g) is priced at RM 28.

Instagram: @crimebiteshq

2. Lokal Munchies

If you would walk miles for coffee, then now it’s the time to chill out while you scoop out the last piece of the Mocha Chocolate Chip Cookies. 

Coated with premium chocolate and choco flakes, 100,00 jars have been purchased since October 2020 achieving their milestone. Customers describe that their Hazelnut jar gives a splendid taste of Nutella or Kinder Bueno whereas their Mocha Jar is believed to have the absolute amount of sweetness and the taste of Mocha like no elsewhere. 

Let them know what aroma hits your taste bud when you purchase a jar for only RM 20.00 (300g). 

Instagram: @lokalmuchieshq

3. Moreish Cookies

Moreish Cookies brought to you by a passionate home-based baker who has a caboodle of baked goods on the plate. Their best selling product the Moreish Chocomelt Cookies are coated with Cadbury Chocolate. 

The Chocomelt Cookies will not make you wambling as the cookies are prepared with the right proportion of sweetness. Baked every day, the small jar (220g) is RM 16 and RM 28 for a big jar (390g) full of bite-sized cookies. 

Do consider grabbing their best-selling Moreish Premium Sea Salt Cookies too when you checkout at Shopee with free shipping!

Instagram: @moreishcookieshq

Shopee: MoreishcookiesHq

4. Frunchie’s

Are you team crunchy or team cookie? Frenchie’s has it all! Promising Premium Callebaut Chocolate, their jars are infused with ample berries.

Their Cookies+Berry is glazed with Belgium Chocolate and Cranberry. The Confetti Series which is a limited edition is definitely worth trying as the Rose Cookies are lavish in almonds from Spain and smeared with Callebaut White Chocolate!

Go get them now before they are sold out! Oh, you might be the lucky winner to own an iPhone 12!

*prices of the jar can be seen at Shopee*

Instagram: @frunchie.my

Shopee: Frunchie’s

5. Chanrakies @ Nastry Kitchen

Again a war between cookies and crunchies, literally! What’s extraordinary about Chanrakies is they have an array of toppings like Kit Kat, Kinder Bueno, Oreo, Milo Nuggets, M&M, Marshmellow and Milo for the crunchies. 

Furthermore, the Chanrakies Cookies with Premium Chocolate (RM 25) and the Baby Crunch (RM 15) will bring you back to the tropical paradise of Thailand, giving you the real taste of Thai.

Get your chocolate/cookies cravings satisfied with Chanrakies!

Instagram: @chanrakies.hq

6. Rielkies 

To your astonishment, Rielkies by the multitalented and renowned actor Aeril Zafrel managed to sell about 200k jars even before the ball starts rolling.

Riel Mini Crunch, Riel Ball and Riel Rice are what you can expect at Rielkies. Each of the tubs is lush in premium chocolate and berries where you can get them for RM16 each.

You will forever get hooked up to it as how chocolates grab a spot in your teeth, every time you eat them! (you can always brush them later).

By the way, we presume that it will be gone the next minute they restock them, so keep your eyes skinned!

Instagram: @rielkies_hq

7. Suka Dessert

Making it to the list is the dazzling Suka Dessert with almost 265k followers on Instagram, with a plethora of desserts for a sweet tooth. 

The ChocStick Cookies and CadburyStick Cookies are one of the chocolate cookies which are dipped in chocolate. With a number of fervent agents throughout Malaysia, there’s no reason not to taste them! 

Go through their ‘treat to the eyes’ feed as you will be pampered with choices offered and hit them up for more information.

Instagram: @sukadessert

8. The Whisk Dessert

From Dark Chocolate, Green Tea, Belgian to Red Velvet Cookies, the cookies come with a tub of pure melted chocolate of Belgium for you to soak and eat.

Why not grab a set for your loved ones to make their day because they deserve better! 

There is a range of home-baked mouth-watering pastries to consider for your next event or just for you to gulp them!

Instagram: @thewhiskdessert

9. Monstr

Nurul Fatin known as the Kakak Monstr began by selling fruit cakes during the Ramadhan Festive. She was highly enthusiastic since the age of 7 in baking when her parents started a business. Later on, the idea of baking brownies, cookies, crunchies and many more sparkled her.

You never want to miss out on her Chocojar Monstr with cookies as the toppings (the first shop to launch them) exclusively only here at Monstr. The Pour and Dip jar is suitable for those who would like to pour the chocolate themselves for an aesthetically pleasing feeling. 

Instagram: @monstr.my

10. Coklup Cookies

A splash of roasted, cocoa chocolate in every bite with Coklup Cookies. Their signature Pretz & Cookies, made of Pretzels and two sizes of cookies are not only crunchy but rich in Callebaut Chocolate too. 

Besides, their double-dip chocolate jar is full of chocolate chip cookies and meted premium chocolate. Place your orders now (each for RM 28 (320g)), and munch in the cookies and pretzels while you catch up on your favourite series. 

Instagram: @coklup.hq

What are you still waiting for? Hurry and get those ‘eye drooling, mouth watering’ jars/tubs for your post or pre meal snack!

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