Get Minimalist Korean-style Cakes From These 10 Heavenly Bake Shops in Malaysia

by Lavanyah Guna

Minimalist Korean-style Cakes

I’m rustic yet refined

I feature beautiful pastel colours 

I’m aesthetically pleasing and an ‘Instagram-worthy’ post 

Sometimes I might be too cute and irresistible where I don’t mind being eaten 

Oh, don’t judge me by my modest appearance, as you’ll be dazzled in the first bite itself!

Yes, I’m the dainty and Minimalist Korean Style Cake that has been making rounds on the Internet.

When Malaysians especially bakers were sorely affected by the pandemic, these cakes went like a bang for them as a blessing in disguise. The craze for the Korean Cakes is more than enough to treat yourself or to surprise your adored ones because isn’t happiness real only when shared?

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Get ready to be spoilt with choices as you have 10 different bakers offering you yummy cakes! 

1. Petitesyireen Customcakes

Kicking off the list is Petitesyireen Customcakes, where all the cakes here make you go ‘ooh-ah’.

Founded by the humble and petite (of course) Asyireen who specialises in novelty cakes, the Minimalist Korean Style Cakes are in heart and round shapes are to die for. 

Just as how it says ‘customcakes’, you get what you want with an extra bang. If you have sweet tooth or crave desserts and a cake isn’t enough (like me), complete your orders with the drizzled fudgy brownies, cute cupcakes, fluffy creampuffs and ravishing sheet cakes.

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2. Butter Digger

What about a secret note and sprinkles to reveal it when you cut the cake? Isn’t it amazing? Double joy when you astound your cherished ones with Butter Digger. 

Butter Digger is absolutely one of the notorious bakeries for minimalist cakes with a plethora of designs including two to three-tier cakes. From movie and simple illustrations to 90’s inspired vintage designs, hit them up to personalise your cake.

Oh, yes! You can expect doll-house themed cakes as well as portrait illustrations of your buddies to win the heart of your babies and friends respectively!

Hmm, but a whole cake is too much for me’- Fret not, as the semicircle/half cakes are for your rescue! 


3. Sugar Maya

Looking for a simple yet elegant cake to be presented at a birthday party or a get-together event? Sugar Maya caters to your needs with their airy and light cakes to agitate the ambience.

From the imposters in Among Us to tiny slices of your favourite fruit and sticks of flowers, just hit them up to turn your fantasy into sensibility with a bang!


4. Melur Cakes

If you are an anthophile who forever gets hooked to the pearly full-blown blossom, order a voguish floral designed cake at Melur Cakes. Make sure to taste it although you can go ‘awwed’ or feel ‘sayang’.

With almost 38k followers on Instagram and based in Dataran Melawati, Melur Cakes is a paradise for baked goods especially mouth-watering minimalist cakes. 

The intricately-detailed, hand-painted cakes featuring watercolour-Esque paintings, birthday month calendars, and enthralling flowers, have been soaring to the highest spot on Malaysian’s checklists. 

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5. Tiny Baker 

A step into the Tiny Baker would transform you to the wanderlust of jaunty rusticity with vanilla and artistic corners and interior like hanging dried flowers, However, they are still closed for dine-in at the moment. 

Apart from their crowd favourite, Korean-inspired Signature Toast Set and Strawberry Chiffon Cake, they have an array of velvety cakes available to be grabbed online. 

Ranging from Chocolate Oreo Cake, Matcha Strawberry Cake, EarlGrey and Strawberry Chiffon Base, if you are planning to have it all by yourself, the bento cakes are what you should be opting to!


6. The Velvet

Johoreans rejoice! Those residing in Johore can join in the trend to luxuriate in the Minimalist Korean Style Cakes. The fine lettering complements the combination of pastel colours exquisitely creating an absolute captivating cake.

Promising premium quality ingredients in every cake that is fresh from the oven, do save some for the rest although the cakes can be very tempting!

Be in awe when you meet The Velvet’s very own Tata from BT21! Excited much? What are you waiting for? 

Hop on the quest to encounter their Tata on Velvet’s Instagram feed!


7. Sugar Amors

Nestled in the land that is flagrant for its soft sandy beaches and utopia of piquant food of distinctive cultures, Sugar Amors is a designer cake shop with oodles of baked goods to sink your teeth into in Penang!

Phang Xue Min, the lovely founder of Sugar Amors is highly skilled in lavish mini cartoon cake doughnuts, cute animal cakesicles where the eye-popping Korean Cakes is easy peasy for her.

Ombre Pink, Earthy, Tiffany Green and Greyish White are some of the appealing tones of the concoctions. 


8. Cake by Su

Cheers to another designer cake shop/bakery! With glossy oil painting portraying tranquilising scenes especially soothing night at the beach is not only Su’s favourite but ours too!  

No worries as they are safe to be munched! The bento cake series are on your side for a nibbling session after your meal, while you stare at the screen figuring what to type out next or when you are catching up on the last episodes!

To fortuitously receive your choice of cake, leave a text on their Whatsapp and don’t slide through their dm!


9. Dhiv Bakes

Don’t you wanna satisfy your cravings while doing a good deed? The majority of the proceeds go towards local causes. 

Having several enticing flavours like Chocolate Cake With Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream, Red Velvet Heart Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting, you are entitled to customise your choice of cakes!

Complete your purchase perhaps with ooey-gooey brownies, crunchy cookies and adorable cupcakes. 


10. Ophelia Bakes 

If you ever felt bored or not sure how to spend the next 5 minutes, scroll through their feed and you’ll be waiting for the doorbell to be rung already!

The cakes made at Ophelia Bakes are utterly a feast to the eyes. Founded by Aiman and his wife, Nabila, pick one from the 33 distinguished patterns of the delightful cakes. Yes, 33!

‘Spoilt for choices, huh?’. They pour their heart in every cake they bake and that is why ‘Slots are FULL until 30th April 2021’ is written on their bio!

Butter, Chocolate, Nutella and Coffee are their classic flavours of the floral, calendars and paint smears themed minimalist cakes. 


Ooh, that’s a long ride, isn’t it? Most of the businesses above have more on their hands besides the swanky cake. So, let’s all support ‘lokal’ by treating ourselves to have a bite on the scrumptious pastries and baked goods, shall we?

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